About Us.

My desire in selling these beautiful teacup puppies started when I had many people approach me asking where they could get one of my beautiful babies. Growing up these beautiful teacup puppies was not an uncommon thing. My partners are the top line breeders of teacup puppies and seeing these amazing puppies on a daily basis was a normal day to day process.

I know it is extremely difficult to find a truly healthy teacup size puppy and there are so many other websites out there using the phrase “teacup” size very fruitlessly, but i want to assure everyone of our puppies are in a class of their own. My puppies have extreme baby doll faces, large eyes, apple head, and short compact bodies. Our puppies are small and healthy. Unlike other breeders my puppies are treasures to me and treated like my own child. I give them all a lot of love and attention.

It is not often, I am spoiling and pampering them until they go to their new homes. However, I am fully aware of other breeders who have attempted to receive one of my puppies in order to breed for themselves. For that reason, we only sells to individual clients or other online teacup re-sellers who have the same policies as we do. I want my loving puppies to go to a loving home, where they will be loved as much as I love them.

We hope this in turn will be a great way to spread joy to people who have dream of owning these amazing puppy, This is to insure there are no confusion between us and other online re-sellers out there.

In closing, We wishes that at the end of the day, as long as a person sees joy in looking or adopting my amazing puppies that’s what truly matters the most. My goal was to spread this world with excitement of loving teacup puppies and getting these beautiful puppies to a home where they can be loved and pampered is what i intended to do. We hope you do enjoy our beautiful puppies…

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